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December 23, 2010


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John Shiflet

Shalom Rav,

Moshav Ha-Bonim was our family's incredibly fascinating home during my formative years from 1963-1972.(age 13-22)it was almost unique in Israel at the time because it had a distinctive Anglo flavored culture derived from the many members who hailed from the England, South Africa, Kenya, Scotland, Canada, and the U.S. One was as likely to hear English being casually spoken there as Hebrew. A more beautiful picturesque sea-side location would be almost impossible to imagine. I returned to the U.S. in 1972 (from which we had emigrated to Israel in 1963) after completing my military service in the IDF and unfortunately, over time, completely lost touch with my friends and fellow Moshavniks. I was a graduate of Kfar Galim High School as were most of my peers. The pursuit of a higher education, marriage, family, and other obligations put the Moshav experience far into the past but now at age 60, there remains some lingering curiosity as to what has happened in the 40+ year interim. My younger brother David, who also grew up at Ha-Bonim, came back to the states but later returned to Israel in the 1980's where he and his family remain in Netanya. He and I seldom communicate, so my knowledge of how Ha-Bonim has evolved in past decades is quite limited. I have not been back for an Israel visit since my departure in 1972. I searched for any links connecting to Ha-Bonim alumni who might be from the period when it was our home but have not found any on Facebook or other social media sources. I'm afraid my knowledge of modern Hebrew has steeply declined from decades of secular living in the Diaspora...so any contacts with former Moshav friends would best be conducted in English. Ha-Bonim has a very interesting history (as noted here in the history of the Ha-Bonim movement which led to the Moshav's founding) but was periodically plagued with problems from failed enterprises and mass departures. I'm so pleased that somehow the community has found the will to survive for this long. If any former or current Moshav members from those long-ago days wish to re-establish contact you are most welcome to do so: [email protected] Shalom, Yohanan (John Shiflet)

Ruth Cohen

John Shiflet
I just came across this post, had no idea it was here at all. So sorry it took me so long to find it but was very happy to read what you wrote.

I now live in Jerusalem in city centre, hope you find this message.

john birkett

just came across this by accident. i was a volunteer at habonim twice 1979 and 1980 loved every minute worked in bananas with doran and others im now 66 but still think of my time at habonin was known as gingie john shalom to everyone,

Hilton Teper

I'm sure I had relative who lived on the Moshav. They were Cecil and Rose Plotkin from South Africa. Anybody can help?

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