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Hi I am looking to locate the name of the doctor at TInmouth or EXmouth batim around 1936 1939. My father Chaim Fox was there. We think his name was ZVi Goldberg..? It's a long shot but we were told he was still alive and would like to contact him. Thanks Louise fox


We are trying to locate the Jewish authorities that managed the Batim because we are trying to find out background information about my father. Thanks Louise fox

Frank Farbenbloom


The person who can help you best is probably Asher Tarmon (Tremberg) who was one of the key people involved in the Batim.

You can read his article on this site under "Wartime Hostels". Asher knew everybody and is still in contact with many.

If you will send me an email address to [email protected] I can pass your message on to him for reply.


Frank Farbenbloom
Site administrator

Asher Tarmon


I cannot recall a Chaim Fox, so he was not in the Dawlish Hostel. He must have been at the Exmouth Hostel for you mention my opposite number there who indeed was a doctor - but his name then was Zvi Goldstone and is now known at Zvi Even-Paz. He still lives in Jerusalem. I shall ask the website director Frank, to send you his telephone number and email address.
Good Luck!

Ralph Phillips

I am sure that there are many (former) members of Habonim who were on Machon LeMadrichei Chul in Jerusalem.
We of the Machon LeMadrichei Chul Alumni Association are looking to update our database of all 13000+ Bogrim.
Please send your details to :
Ralph Phillips : [email protected]

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