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George Ney

Please add my name to the Directory
Ney George Kfar Hanasi

I couldn't find any link specially for this purpose. Maybe there should be one.

David Chester

Congratulations on new version of website and blog. Now instead of going bogging we can go blogging

Frank Farbenbloom

This is the link! Your name has been added.


If you have your own blog, send me the link. I'd like to have category fo "ex-Chaverim's Personal Blogs"

It's going to take a while to get this blog mastered - I'm having technical problems on the picture galleries because it's a blog platform.
But it's much friendlier for users.

If you would like to do an original posting, I can make you a Guest Author. Then you do a posting on any subject you want related to Habonim UK.


Jose Pohatchevsky (nee Rosenthal)

To Frank and all involved in preparing this new blog. Hearty congratulations on doing a great job, I am sure it will contribute greatly to gathering Habonim history as well as facilitating the renewal of inter personal contacts.
What do you mean by TypeKey or TypePad account?

elaine black (nee goldstone)

please add Black Elaine and Gary: Mevo Hama Israel

Frank Farbenbloom

Thanks for the comment.

Re the TypeKey account, it is a tool to save time and protect identity, if desired, when signing in to various blogs.

Here is the link to the site for more information http://www.sixapart.com/typekey/

Sixapart.com is the software provider and host for our site. We use their TypePad blog platform so I can use our Typepad account to sign in as well.

Fay Mirbach (Simons)

Manchester Ken 1972/4
Shnat 1974
Now living on Tuval

Fay Mirbach (Simons)

Tuval was established in 1981 with garinim from British Habonim,South African Habonim,HaTzofim and a chavura of Israeli families. Each group had been on Hachshara except the Tzofim who were in their army service. A number of olim from other countries joined up with the groups before we arrived on Tuval.

cynthia ehrenkrantz

Frank, Thanks so much for doing this. The correct spelling of my name is Ehrenkrantz. Maiden name: Shelower. Greetings from White Plains, USA

Milton Taylor

Frank, and others,
Thanks for a great site. I will be sending you some more photographs and also filling in some of the names in the existent ones.
Can you send me Cynthia's E-mail address.?
I hope we can meet at the Irgun Vatikei Habonim 2009 reunion.

Milton Taylor,
Bloomington IN.

Tom Berman

Frank...how do I get to be a Guest Author? Turns out that I have a TypePad account already. I wrote up an accoount of my Hachshera adventures and some other stuff that I could share.


Frank F.

Tommy already has the answer to the above since he picked up the phone and called me!

However for anyone els who would like to be a Guest Author, just let me know and I'll send you an "Invitation to be a Guest Author". Then all you have to do is follow the instructions.

 Phil Moleman

Now had a look at Aryeh Wolfin's, Habonim 1950's photo collection. I see two are duplicates (Chavurat Kfar Hanassi and Plugat Mansoura are the same photo)
Pleased to see (a much younger and hirsute) myself standing "N.W" of Alan Rosenthal, Shulamit Lesser (Franks) standing to his "N.E". Bachura at front centre would be Bella Wasserman (now Fox) whom I have met again in recent years. Bachura front right I think is named Tessa but I may be wrong.

I think there is a name error on other photos in Aryeh's collection. It is Aubrey Bendoff (not Bender)

Phil Moleman

P.S: I think I may have identified Johanna Ney as the unknown standing to right (as viewed) of Cynthia Collins in a Camps & Veidot photo - refer to my earlier email

Account Deleted

Would you please add my name to the Directory.

Habonim (Finchley Road) and David Eder Farm, Sussex.


Lived in Israel 1963 until 1973. Served in Nahal. Now living in Asia, based in Thailand, where I have been working for the past 20 years pending (hopeful) return to Israel to retire.

Barry Farbenbloom

Thanks for creating this great site. As your youngest brother I was also the last member of our family to join Habomim at Finchley Road, London from 1959 thru 1963 when we made aliyah,setteling in Bet HaEmek where I lived till 1970.I now live in Malibu California with my family. Would be delighted to reconnect with other chaverim from this era.
Barry Farbenbloom

Beryl Waizner

We live in Moshav Habonim - and have many photos that might be of interest - from 1947 onwards of camps Hachshara etc. But even with your complete instructions-this dummy does not know how to send them! Is there anyone in the vicinity who can come to our house and help us?
Beryl and Hanan (Hans)

Erica Dyson (was Lander)

I want to add myself .. Erica Lander from Manchester Ken 1970s. Now in Israel in Ra'anana.

Ann Marks

Want to add myself Ann Marks (nee Shilco) in Raanana since 1986 and Phil Shilco in Herzlya - in Israel since 1976
Hope to see old and familiar faces at the reunion

Henry Charles

Henry Charles from Nottingham seeking former friends from Habonim years 1951 to 1957.

sylvia weiss

Frank thanks for the great site. I enjoyed reading all the comments posted. I was at Eder Farm England 1954 were I spent a year after which I went to get my degree in nursing at the London Jewish Hopitsl Stepney Green England.

I have many good memories from Eder Farm and worked in many areas of the farm. Milking the cows was one of my favorites. I also volunteered as camp nurse at various Habonim Camps in England and was a chief cook at another camp. Habonim has been and still is one of the high lights of my life's journey wonderful memories. I now live in Valencia Ca with my husband Ron.

Stuart Bensusan

Please add me

danny schen

I would like to post a comment

danny schen

Please make available the photos in an album taken by Paul Blecher at the Teignmouth bayit. There are some photos of me in it,
I saw them at one of the reunions

danny schen

I have a bound copy of Iton Habonim for 1943 -44.
It includes an article about the inauguration of Naame (later Kfar Blum). My father, Leopold Schen, came to Palestine during WW2 and laid the foundation stone. The event was documented and photographed in the article as well as a photo of Shalom Bordoley

Tony Berris

Re the Hachsharat Noar 1951-52 photo, the "unknowns" are (l>r):
Tony Zamczyk
Dov Freed
David Frankel

And Max's surname is Ciprut.


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