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Maureen and Jack Sharkey

In 1949 and 1950 we were both at Kibbutz Shmaryahu Bosham Sussex England and got married there. It was a great time for both of us and in 1951 we went to Israel. After having a close group in Bosham we found Israel difficult and returned to England after a year hoping to reunite with the chevra. However none of the original people were there and we lost touch.
We live in Cambridge and have children and grand-children and would like to get in touch with any of the original chevra from those halcyon days!!

Maureen and Jack Sharkey

We would like to get in touch with the following people: Ruth Israelstam Beth haemek, and Perez Nadel, Rishon le zion. Could you please e mail them to see how they would feel about this. Also Shim and Jill Leigh at we think Ben Shemen Village/Moshav

Gloria Dekter

I am looking to touch base and email to Zelda and Peretz Lootsteen (Rishon LeZion, Israel) Please advise how to do this. Thank you.

Gloria Dekter

Toronto, Canada

Milton Taylor

Over the years I have written small (or not so small ) vignettes about my life in Scotland, in the movement, Hachshara,Israel, USA. Since it is popular to set up a blog, I decided to start one and have posted a few items.So far these are about my days in Glasgow. I thought of posting one or two a week, and in between some comments on current affairs etc.
The blog is up and running. I hope in the process I do not offend anyone. My memory is not as good as I would like, but I tried to recall events of long ago (60 years ago or more )
The link http://20thcenturylife.blogspot.com/

Milton Taylor

Re Photograph, 1952 Chava Garin Gimel
Next to Len Goodman is Alan Solomon, Phil Shearsky ( Z'l) is the Phil with quesion mark.Next to Irene is Chava Stone ( goffer)

ruth cohen

my first home was moshav habonim.as a baby i was put on the ground and worked with vegtables from birth. and herded a few cattle as a toddler.so i told. i do remember the beach.my late father yoseph krinsky from poland to south africa said he was one of the founders of the moshav with other polish jews from south africa . i want to reseach this.
today i live in jerusalem and make pretty gardens. that are very popular and well loved and photographed. a little public garden started by a remarkable man called skippy a sports man who is obsessed with moshe montifore started this out of his own pocket. he asked me to help him 3 years ago.it is fast becoming the most popular garden here. and part of the endless tours in this area where they come to see famous shuls, 2 huge ecylaptus trees from time of montifore, and my gardens.
so the moshav strengthened my connection to the land. in fact where i live at no 3 shirizly st, mizcarit moshe, the previous owner shulamit who a
has passed on 5 years ago, started the first garden here outside her home. she also came from a moshav. she brought in rocks from the golan and tree truks and it is still called gan shulamit. i just made it more artistic and pretty. i have a giraffe on the window, and other little animals, and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.it is very loved.
my phone no -0775520251 or 0548388699

ruth cohen

i was born 13june `1953 at bet holim haemahot in haifa apparently no longer around. my brother ariel wanted to come into the world when the moshav folks were watching a movie and it had to stop as the driver was also showing the movie,
i think ayela was also born there or maybe in rishpon where we moved to after that we went to south afria.
i was madly in love with a little boy who i used to hug passionately at the age of 3 -4 and am dying to know who he is and why i found him so irrestible.
a few years ago i did meet the nursery school teacher with my mother visiting from sa.dont remember her name. she said we all looked the same in little blue shirts and shorts and she knew the name of the boy that i so adored. wonder if he remembers. and where he is. his parents still live there. i would love his name.

Phil Moleman

Just had another look at the website- after a long gap (forgive me). Now find Collection of photos "Habonim 1950's Aryeh" cannot be opened. get "Webpage cannot be found". Had another look at Collection "Camps & Veidot". Photo 9 (3rd down on right hand column) still needs amending- "Bender" should read "Bendoff" and I now suspect the "unknown" crouching behind Shulamit may be Alan Rosenthal!

Phil Moleman

frank farbenbloom

Thanks for the update.

I have not been doing updates to the photo gallery for the past several months but will start again in the next couple of weeks.


Evelynne Goldman

Please add Hershell & Evelynne (nee Rifkind) Goldman, now living in Rehovot.

Lynda Siman-Tov ( nee' Kay)

Please add my name to list of Chaverim:
Originally Glasgow, now Israel

Chaim Simons

I will be glad to hear from someone who remembers Cyril Israel Rapstoff, who was a member of Kibbutz Shmaryahu in 1945, when it was in Wiltshire. At the time Cyril was in the Royal Artillery and in the summer of 1945 he married Jeanette (Netta) Samuel who was also a member of Kibbutz Shmaryahu. The ceremony took place in Cardiff Cathedral Road Synagogue and at the ceremony Cyril wore kharki. I may be contacted via my e-mail: chaimsimons@gmail.com
Thank you, Chaim Simons

Cynthia Wynne (nee Joseph)

I am looking for anyone who knows where Rosemary Arnold is living or can get in contact with her. She was in North London (Finchley Road) Ken until around 1964/5. Malcolm Edwards and Jeff Gold were our last madrichim.

Martin Atkins

Please add me
Martin Atkins Kibbutz Ramat David married to Sara Atkins
Came on Aliya in 1965 First group of Garin Zayin

mira meshulam

In 1931, Marie Polinsky had founded the first group of Manchester Habonim (Hebrew "the Builders"), which tended to attract less orthodox members.

(my mother was a founder!)

Colin Wicks

Please add me.
Colin Wicks from Newcastle upon Tyne married to Sharon (Shaney) Tarsky of Manchester in 1968 (died 2012). In Habonim 1959 to 1967.

Would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew either of us at colinwicks2@@gmail.com.

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